Recap: 2017 Road Trip

Some of the boys. Davenport. Photo: Ford.
Some of the boys. Davenport. Photo: Ford. (Click to enlarge)

Words by Bruce J. Bales
Edit by Logan Clark
Photos by Nick Ford, Logan Clark, and Bruce J. Bales

For the last six years, a group of Iowans have set out on the road to discover more about their state while rollerblading small town skateparks and spots. Each year brings challenges, experience, and excitement. 2017′s road trip was no different. The difference this year was that the trip was a true getaway for almost everyone. With our increasing ages come increasing responsibilities, and most of us in attendance just felt the need to session with our friends. That desire was the unifying factor. Thus, the 2017 road trip was an extremely enjoyable one. There was no stress, no negativity, only love and rollerblading.

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New Winterset Skatepark

Logan Clark. Fakie 540 safety.
Logan Clark. Fakie 540 safety. (Click to enlarge)

Photographs by Nick Ford and David Flores
Edit by Logan Clark

With the new Winterset skatepark completed and open to the public, Logan Clark and the crew made their way towards the new terrain coming away with several photographs and an edit for your viewing pleasure.
-Bruce J. Bales

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Chris Watts. Lu Kang. Photo: Wells.
Chris Watts. Lu Kang. Photo: Wells. (Click to enlarge)

Photos by Tiffiany Wells and Nick Ford

I couldn’t make it to Omaha on April 22nd for the session, but by all accounts it was a fun one. This time around we will let Tiffiany and Nick’s photographs do the talking. Thank you all everyone who attended and the Nebraska bladers for sharing their usual Midwestern hospitality.
-Bruce J. Bales

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Edit: End of Season

Edit by Spencer Smith

Spencer Smith and Christopher Watts are again cultivating a rollerblading scene in Iowa City. For a city that saw a brief lull in activity, the college town is experiencing a blading renaissance of sorts with new spots and new faces. The edit above chronicles the freeze leading to the thaw. Through Spencer’s lens we watch the grey skies turn into the lights of indoor parks and back again. End of Season is the cold collection of winter’s clips.
-Bruce J. Bales