Words by Bruce J. Bales

For the last year Justin “Jefferson” Augustus and I have wanted to make an edit in Iowa City. This year’s Mission Creek Festival proved to be an opportune time to do so. With 6 days and a new camera, we explored the city in search of revitalizing the rollerblading scene. We reconnected with the terrain that had been long ignored. We studied the terrain as much as we skated it. We found ourselves in a state of wonder both on the streets and in the venues. This edit attempts to recreate the sense of wonder that comes from adjusting your perspective.

Jack Lion
“In Between”

Recorded by Bruce James Bales, Justin “Jefferson” Augustus, Spencer Smith, and Phil Austin
Edited and graded by Bruce James Bales

Master Shredders:
Bruce James Bales
Justin “Jefferson” Augustus
Logan Clark
Andrew “Droid” Hall
Phil Austin
Drew Caulfield
Jon Yagla
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Peoria, Illinois. Photo: Bales.
Peoria, Illinois. Photo: Bales. (Click to enlarge)

Words by Bruce J. Bales

The Peoria area has a rich rollerblading history, especially when it comes to great sessions. For a long time the Quad Cities and Peoria crews were intertwined, trading weekends of sessions throughout the warm months. The city has changed drastically over the course of those sessions, but the changes have created spots both new and disheveled. Peoria was recently well-documented by Hawke Trackler in the Escape to Peoria and Escape to Peoria 2 edits. Today the city is going through yet another transformation. The downtown area looks reborn, and the rollerbladers there are finding a way to keep the sessions going. I will be back because I believe in Peoria. I keep going back looking for more there, and I consistently find myself leaving with something new.
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Edit by Logan Clark
Words by Bruce J. Bales

The sessions are still happening. That is what is important. Thank you to everyone who came to shred and enjoy the company of friends.
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Iowat: Volume 2 LEFTOVERS

Edit by Logan Clark

Full video here: vimeo.com/116493370

Justin Augustus
Logan Clark
Bruce Bales
Caleb Smith
AJ Keane
Shawn Warndorf
Zach Gutweiler
Johnny Ton
Greg Peters
Mike Rogers

End the Wrld
Needwrk ~*