Recap: SSOC 2015

SSOC 2015. Des Moines.
SSOC 2015. Des Moines. (Click to enlarge)

Photographs by Tiffiany Wells
Edit by Aaron Schultz

Winner: Caleb Smith
Best Trick: Justin “Jefferson” Augustus

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Words by Bruce James Bales

I have to admit when Patrick Boberg of Iowa Public Television contacted me about filming an Iowa Public Television segment, I was skeptical. What would it accomplish? Who would even watch it? How would rollerblading be portrayed? Once I met Patrick I knew his intentions were good. Patrick wants IPTV to be more relevant, and he wants to cover issues important to people of all ages. Patrick understood the need to talk about the lack of a large skatepark in Des Moines.

Being a part of this segment motivated me. I hope it motivates you. Public skateparks should be just as important as soccer fields, basketball courts, and playgrounds. I can easily say that the Parks and Recreation Department where I grew up was a part of my growth. Without their facilities I don’t know where I would have spent my time growing up. We need to be able to give those who choose alternative paths the same opportunities. It is the duty of our local and state governments to provide everyone with equal access. So, why are skateparks not a part of every Parks and Recreation budget? I don’t think I can accurately answer that question, but I do know everyone should be thinking about skateparks differently.

After the holiday weekend lets all get more involved. Let’s find out what is happening here in Des Moines in relation to a new skatepark, let’s use all the great facilities we have available in our state, and let’s tell people everywhere about them. In closing I will leave you with a story. During our 8th grade year Dan Madesian, a rollerblader living in Bettendorf, started a petition. That petition was to get a skatepark built in Bettendorf. One year later we were attended the first skatepark committee and town hall meetings. Two years later we were in Crow Creek Park assembling our skatepark. If not our voice, then whose?

SSOC 2015. Design: Augustus.

Design by Justin Augustus

What: S.S.O.C. (Street Skate Only Comp)
When: Sunday, June 28th
Where: Des Moines
Meeting spot: To be announced on messageboard
Time: 11:30 A.M.
Cost: $10
Contact information: Bruce J. Bales (563) 650-3643

We’ve brought the legendary S.S.O.C. back. The spots have been picked, the warning is out there, and we hope to see you all in Des Moines on Sunday, June 28th.

Download the poster here.

Gallery: Film travels 10

2014 Halloween Session. Dubuque.
2014 Halloween Session. Dubuque. (Click to enlarge)

Words and photos by Bruce J. Bales

There is a lot brewing here at the Iowa Connection. Within the next week we will be announcing details for a competition in Des Moines, and I have begun working on the QCSD rebirth and the River Rumble for this year. Mostly, I’ve been able to get back on my blades a few times this week. I’m making it a point to put my rollerblades on more. Hopefully more content will come out of that simple action. Please stay tuned for information regarding the remaining 2015 Iowa Connection events.
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