Edit: Infernos

Edit and words by Logan Clark

Winter is here in Iowa. So now we go to the dopest indoor spot we have, Skate North (AKA Dante’s Inferno). Yes, the Dante Muse. He built this backyard ramp years back, because, well, he owns the place. After a small hiatus due to a knee surgery and a roller derby World Championship for Team USA, he is back at it even in his 40′s. This is one of many sessions I hope for this bitter cold winter. It’s a great way to keep the legs loose during the winter and to show kids that there is more to rollerblading than going around in circles.

Night Moves

Night moves. Des Moines. Photo: Smith.
Night moves. Des Moines. Photo: Smith. (Click to enlarge)

Words by Bruce J. Bales

We tighten until our hands are crisscrossed with white lines left by laces. We weave in and out of streetlights. While the majority sleep, we move. From spot to spot, our wheels leave small remnants, temporary monuments, urethane paths on freshly washed streets. The wheezing street sweepers are the only traffic to worry about. Their trails cess slid or avoided with quick jumps and turns. The few souls that see us stare with astonishment and confusion. The city is static. We move in it’s black.
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Edit by Logan Clark

This edit and experience reminded me of something important, the messageboard. With that being said I am going to try my best to resurrect it. From now on when sessions are happening I will be posting on the messagboard as much as I can, so that no one feels like they missed out on sessions. My apologies to anyone who already feels that way.
-Bruce J. Bales

Gallery: Film travels 8

Logan Clark. Des Moines. Photo: Bales.
Logan Clark. (Click to enlarge)

Words and photos by Bruce James Bales

I have one major gripe with being a rollerblader living in Des Moines: the skateparks are lacking. I was lucky enough to live near one of the best skateparks in the Midwest, but the capital city of Iowa is far behind when it comes to skateparks. Sure, we’ve got a few, but they don’t measure up. The skateparks are small, poorly designed, and not centrally located. While there are forces at work to change this (http://desmoinesregionalskatepark.com), there isn’t much cause for hope besides for the secret spot you’ll see in this gallery.

Film: Fuji Superia Xtra 400 // 24 exposures
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