Edit: The BAY round 2

Edit by Bruce James Bales

The Bay
Lincoln, NE

Timber Timbre

Bruce James Bales
Logan Clark
Nico McDaniel
Troy DeZeeuw
Justin “Jepherson” Augustus
Coleman Kinter
David Flores
Caleb Smith

The crew. Lincoln, Neb.
The crew. Lincoln, Neb. (Click to enlarge)

Words by Bruce J. Bales
Photos by Tiffiany Wells
Edit by Logan Clark

The Bay Skatepark in Lincoln, Nebraska is one of the most interesting skateparks I have ever been to. Its not just the ramps, but the overall vibe of the place. As the day progressed it felt more like a community center than a skatepark. After some quick research I found that The Bay isn’t intended to be just a skatepark. Instead it aims to be “a place for the kids of Lincoln to come and pursue their passions – whether that be skateboarding, art, music, or whatever else.” This mission is something I can support, and I will. There is something special happening at 2005 Y Street in Lincoln, and I want to be there to feel the energy.

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Setup specs: David Flores

David Flores. Des Moines. Photo: Clark.
David Flores. Des Moines. Photo: Clark. (Click to enlarge)

Questions and photos by Logan Clark

Current Setup
Boot: Nils Jansons Remz Pro Boot
Frames: Feather lite 2 venom green frames
Wheels: Chris Haffey Eulogy
Bearings: Swiss Bones Red
Liners: Short Cuff Jug Liner
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Iowat: Volume 2

Iowat: Volume 2
A video by Bruce James Bales and Logan Clark
Edited by Bruce James Bales

Starring Caleb Smith, Bruce James Bales, and Logan Clark

Featuring A.J. Keane, Justin Augustus, Shawn Warndorf, Zach Gutweiler, Troy DeZeeuw, Johnny Ton, TJ Tregeagle, Ben Gross, Andrew Hall, Dustin Dieter, Alex O’Brien, Chris Watts, and Rob Zbranek

Music (all Iowa musicians/bands, please support them by purchasing their music):
Curt Oren “Cautious But”

Dylan Sires and Neighbors “Save My Life”

The River Monks “Overture”

Dana T “Goin’ Down”

Dana T “Nocturnal”

Land of Blood and Sunshine “Big Pygmy”

The Surf Zombies “It’s a Thing”

MR NASTI “Never Die”