Gallery: Film travels 8

Logan Clark. Des Moines. Photo: Bales.
Logan Clark. (Click to enlarge)

Words and photos by Bruce James Bales

I have one major gripe with being a rollerblader living in Des Moines: the skateparks are lacking. I was lucky enough to live near one of the best skateparks in the Midwest, but the capital city of Iowa is far behind when it comes to skateparks. Sure, we’ve got a few, but they don’t measure up. The skateparks are small, poorly designed, and not centrally located. While there are forces at work to change this (, there isn’t much cause for hope besides for the secret spot you’ll see in this gallery.

Film: Fuji Superia Xtra 400 // 24 exposures
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Tri-Tri Rudolf. Pudslide cess slide.
Tri-Tri Rudolf. Pudslide cess slide. (Click to enlarge)

Photos by Tiffiany Wells
Edit by Bruce J. Bales

Champion: Logan Clark
Best Trick: Tri-Tri Rudolf
Box Champ: Josh Michalec
Mini Shredders: Nico McDaniel and Coleman Kinter
Best Flow: Ben Forsythe
Best Style: David Flores
Most Hyped/Worst Fall: Caleb Smith

A special thanks to our sponsors Aggressive Mall, Vibralux, eRolling, and Sic Urethane
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Newton Revisited

Words and edit by Logan Clark

Newton is the place I call my “hometown”. I owe all of my shredding skills to the streets of Newton and Aces Teen Club for their indoor skatepark. Shawn Warndorf and I met in 2000 when we were just 10 years old. We lived on the same street just one block away from each other. We were both into “extreme sports” of all kinds. Biking, skateboarding, scootering and of course, rollerblading. We were down to try anything crazy, but rollerblading stuck with us especially after finding the Iowa Connection in 2003. Fourteen years later, we still feel the urge to get out and shred. Sometimes catching that feeling, that nostalgia. No better place to find it than back in the place you grew up.
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2014 River Rumble. Design: Bruce James Bales.
2014 River Rumble. (Click to enlarge)

The call for a night competition has been answered. We will meet under the lights and jam until the winners have been declared. Show up with a positive attitude and be aware that the park is not reserved solely for us. There will be other people using the park. Dodging and darting has become part of the challenge. We will see who is up to the task on the night of September 20th.
-Bruce J. Bales

What: 2014 River Rumble
When: Saturday September 20th (Rain date: September 21st)
Where: Davenport Skatepark (700 W. River Drive Davenport, IA 52802)
Contact information: Bruce J. Bales (563) 650-3643