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We here in Des Moines are fortunate to be at a major cross roads within the interior of our country. Because the city’s location, there seems to be a steady flow of rollerbladers visiting from out of town. Just recently Rob Zbranek came through from Texas, and then this past week we got the chance to hang out with Boston’s own Andrew “Smokes” Smolak. Smokes was such a pleasure to be around, and I think everyone was skating better just because he was there. When people travel here, we get excited. It’s our chance to show them our scene. It’s a chance to give them an idea of what blading is like in Iowa. We are always happy to welcome a traveling rollerblader here, and I think we are richer for it.
-Bruce James Bales

Gallery: Film travels 6

Jepherson. Iowa City. Photo: Bales.
Jepherson. Iowa City. Photo: Bales. (Click to enlarge)

Words by Bruce James Bales

While attending the 2014 Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City this past week I read an interview in Little Village with Philip Glass. In the article Philip and writer Brendan L. Spengler briefly discuss the idea of delayed gratification in relation to music education, and it struck a chord within me. While watching Philip perform later that week, my mind returned to the idea.
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Logan had been talking about heading down to KCMO all winter. As the frigid days piled up and winter seemed to drag on, I could see everyone, including Logan, getting restless. Then, one week Logan said he was going even if he had to go alone. I think it was just something he had to do, and I can relate. The winter takes a lot out of us rollerbladers here in Iowa. When Logan came back with some amazing footage and a huge smile on his face I knew his trip was successful and exactly what he needed.
-Bruce J. Bales

Edit: 2013 Halloween session

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Caleb Smith
Bruce J. Bales
Zach Gutweiler
AJ Keane
Tye Gibson
Ben Price
Alex O’Brien

Filmed by Bruce J. Bales, Justin Augustus, and Caleb Smith
Edited by Bruce J. Bales

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