Newton Revisited

Words and edit by Logan Clark

Newton is the place I call my “hometown”. I owe all of my shredding skills to the streets of Newton and Aces Teen Club for their indoor skatepark. Shawn Warndorf and I met in 2000 when we were just 10 years old. We lived on the same street just one block away from each other. We were both into “extreme sports” of all kinds. Biking, skateboarding, scootering and of course, rollerblading. We were down to try anything crazy, but rollerblading stuck with us especially after finding the Iowa Connection in 2003. Fourteen years later, we still feel the urge to get out and shred. Sometimes catching that feeling, that nostalgia. No better place to find it than back in the place you grew up.
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2014 River Rumble. Design: Bruce James Bales.
2014 River Rumble. (Click to enlarge)

The call for a night competition has been answered. We will meet under the lights and jam until the winners have been declared. Show up with a positive attitude and be aware that the park is not reserved solely for us. There will be other people using the park. Dodging and darting has become part of the challenge. We will see who is up to the task on the night of September 20th.
-Bruce J. Bales

What: 2014 River Rumble
When: Saturday September 20th (Rain date: September 21st)
Where: Davenport Skatepark (700 W. River Drive Davenport, IA 52802)
Contact information: Bruce J. Bales (563) 650-3643


Shawn Warndorf. Acid to backslide cess slide. Kansas City, Mo. Photo: Bales.
Shawn Warndorf. Acid to backslide cess slide. Kansas City, Mo. Photo: Bales. (Click to enlarge)

Words by Bruce J. Bales

We recently spent some time in Kansas City, but I wouldn’t be able to accurately describe the city or my experiences there. If you really want to know about Kansas City from a rollerblader’s perspective buy Sean Kelso‚Äôs KCMO.
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AR & P Tour in Omaha

Brian Krans. Omaha. Photo: Wells.
Brian Krans. Omaha. Photo: Wells. (Click to enlarge)

Word by Bruce J. Bales
Photos by Tiffiany Wells

A book of matches sits on my typewriter. The back reads “books worth burning.” The front reads Rock Town Press. The book of matches is a reminder, a reminder like those I’ve seen in Brian Krans’ writing space. Krans is the type of writer who is constantly reminding himself. Notes, letters, souvenirs, and ideas line his walls. During his two-month AR & P tour he stopped in Omaha to remind us once again. Krans always teaches you something, even if you don’t want to learn. You are forced to listen to him. He grabs you by your eyelids and eardrums. Krans reminds you.

Krans has always been a champion of our cause. Seeing him reminded me that we are unified in our approach. We remain champions of each other’s causes, and we are more aware of it than ever before. We do what we do because we have to. It is the only way we know. Krans reminded me of that. We should do our best not to forget it.

Rock Town forever.

Buy “Assault Rifles and Pedophiles” here.
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