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Edit: End of Season

Edit by Spencer Smith Spencer Smith and Christopher Watts are again cultivating a rollerblading scene in Iowa City. For a city that saw a brief lull in activity, the college town is experiencing a blading renaissance of sorts with new spots and new faces. The edit above chronicles the freeze leading to the thaw. Through […]

Iowat: Volume 2.5

Words by Bruce J. Bales Photographs by Logan Clark It has been no secret that our productivity dropped in 2016. Despite this, we were able to collect enough footage for a short new video and Iowat: Volume 2.5 was created. With inspiration from Iowa artists Jack Lion and kiqyou, I was able to put together […]

Edit : Seconds with Spencer Smith

Edit by Bruce J. Bales Spencer Smith has been on a tear for all of 2016. From SSOC to the River Rumble, Spencer has been enjoying blading more than ever. Within the 12 months of 2016, Spencer and I were able to travel to the Bay Area twice, and it was there were I saw […]

Instax Recap. 2016 River Rumble. Photo: Clark. (Click to enlarge) Photos by Logan Clark and Nick Ford Edits by Logan Clark 2016 River Rumble Champion : Ben Forsythe Best Trick : Caleb Smith / Spencer Smith Best Style : Logan Clark


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