Snow days: Des Moines metro area

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Chris Tillman. Disaster inspin 360 switch soul.
Saylor Skate Park. Ankeny.
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Words and photos by Adam Morris

Come to think of it, we might be spoiled. Just a tad.

When the temperatures drop and the snow and ice arrive, we’ve got at least three indoor places to go. And that’s not counting pseudo-indoor street spots such as parking garages.

Herein are selected photos from sessions during the last month or so. Some are bright, some are dark. Some are warm in tone, others are cool. Some are crisp, others are blurry. Some are shot with one flash, others with two. But there are two unifying themes (besides the subject matter): fun and experimentation.

A bonus update with more photos will be up soon.

The south-Des Moines skating rink, owned by the family of skater Dante Muse, has for years set up ramps and grind boxes on certain nights of the week. If you come to Des Moines to skate during the winter, chances are you’ll end up at this place. It’s not an all-out skate park, but there’s an assortment of stuff to work with, and the setup frequently changes. (For more information, check out

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Ben Mac Murray. Wall stall. (Click to enlarge)

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Tillman. Alleyoop fishbrain to backside farf 270 out. (Click to enlarge)

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Brett Walters. True spin mistrial. (Click to enlarge)

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Jan Andresen. Alleyoop top porn. (Click to enlarge)

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Ben Gross. Launch across gap to wall ride to fakie. (Click to enlarge)

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Dante Muse. Misfit. (Click to enlarge)

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Spencer Smith. Alleyoop wall ride. (Click to enlarge)

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Ben M. Disaster backside royale. (Click to enlarge)

This new indoor skate park is north of Des Moines in the suburb of Ankeny. The place operates daily, on a by-session basis. The park has a nice mini ramp and a variety of other obstacles, some of which you can move around. (You can find out more at

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Logan Clark. Launch to 270 to backside unity 270 out. (Click to enlarge)

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Tillman. Quarter pipe to vertical soul. (Click to enlarge)

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Justin Augustus. Launch to true savannah. (Click to enlarge)

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Tillman. Launch to 540 alleyoop soul. (Click to enlarge)

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Logan. True top soyale to alleyoop soul. (Click to enlarge)

Dante and his wife operate his family’s north-Des Moines skating rink. The place doesn’t set up ramps, but Ben Gross brought his practice rail there. It’s a nice alternative for a quick and free session away from the cold.

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Jefferson. Torque. (Click to enlarge)

39 Responses to “Snow days: Des Moines metro area”  

  1. 1 BJ Bales

    sick pictures. good to see tillman skating and good to see some new faces.

  2. 2 YOungSMith

    my first iowa connections pic huray but congrats to ben your wallride was the shit

  3. 3 yagla

    I love the pics! Especially Jefferson’s torque. It’s like going to rollerblading fantasy land!

  4. 4 Collin Martin

    Lucky. Chicago has zero indoor skateparks that are worth going to.

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