Edit by Bruce J. Bales
Photos by Bryce Orfield

Blade Battle Mason City
June 24th, 2017
Mason City, Iowa

1st Place: Chris Watts
2nd Place: Caleb Smith
3rd Place: Levi Lancaster
Best Trick: Caleb Smith
Worst Slams: Spencer Smith
Best Flow: Josh Goodell
OG: Aaron Schultz

The crew. Blade Battle Mason City 2017.
The crew. Blade Battle Mason City 2017. (Click to enlarge)

Bryce, Caleb and Dakota.
Bryce, Caleb and Dakota. (Click to enlarge)

Josh Goodell.
Josh Goodell. (Click to enlarge)

The winner: Chris Watts
The winner: Chris Watts (Click to enlarge)

Post sesh stretch.
Post sesh stretch. (Click to enlarge)

Chris, Dakota and Nick.
Chris, Dakota and Nick. (Click to enlarge)

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