Click to enlarge
Most of the crew. (Click photo to enlarge)

Front row, from left to right: Brandon Clayton (Quad Cities), Brandon Talbot (Clinton), Ake Phetdavieng (Des Moines), Adam Morris (Des Moines), Dante Muse (Des Moines), Andrew “Droid” Hall (Galesburg, Ill.), Bill Johnson (Clinton), Bob Hoff (Iowa City), Justin “Jefferson” Augustus (Iowa City), Brian Brown (Quad Cities), Mike Hamilton (Quad Cities), Derek Colvin (Quad Cities), B.J. Bales (Quad Cities/Pittsburgh, Pa.)

Back row, from left to right: Eric Berry (Clinton), XMXMX, XMXMX, Logan Clark (Newton), Lucas Baumann (Cedar Falls), Jon Yagla (Iowa City), Mason McCort (Cedar Rapids), Travis Nath (Clinton), Alex Labore (Walford), Josh Michalec (Cedar Rapids), Ryan Miller (Quad Cities), Junior Terronez (Quad Cities)

Not pictured: Drew and Sara Gilpin (Iowa City), Brian Krans (Quad Cities), Ben Gross (Madrid), Adam Lippert (Ames), Jason Rowe (Quad Cities), Joe Stroben (Quad Cities)

Edit by Justin Augustus
Words and photos by Adam Morris

Thanks to everyone who attended the Halloween session on Saturday, Oct. 28. It was a blast. If you didn’t make it this year, you should consider attending next year. For everyone who was there, the day wouldn’t have been as fun without you. See you next time!

The annual Halloween session is generally the last all-Iowa skate session before winter. It has become a tradition, and was started at least six years ago by veteran Des Moines bladers including Ryan Clark and Jon Bramhall. Previous locations for the session include Iowa City, Cedar Rapids Waterloo/Cedar Falls and, now, the Quad Cities.

-Davenport’s new outdoor cement skate park
-Yates ledge, which is a long and tall angle-iron loading dock
-LeClaire school with various rails and plastic benches

Right click here, then choose “save as” to download the edit.

The skating photos below are from the LeClaire school. The entire day was packed with much more skating and sillyness than what’s shown here. But enjoy.

Click to enlarge
B.J. Bales. Royale on a chest-high rail to rocket 180. (Click photo to enlarge)

Click to enlarge
Jefferson. Backside farf to true spin topside pornstar. (Click photo to enlarge)

Click to enlarge
Ryan Miller. Freestyle fishbrain. (Click photo to enlarge)

Click to enlarge
Jefferson. Topside torque soul to soyale. (Click photo to enlarge)

Click to enlarge
Wait, who is that wearing the cape and waiting his turn? (Click photo to enlarge)

Click to enlarge
Methodize (a.k.a. Lucas Baumann). Topside acid. (Click photo to enlarge)

Click to enlarge
Wolf man Miller. Sweatstance. (Click photo to enlarge)

Click to enlarge
Corporate slave Jon Yagla. Pornstar in a sloppy photo. (Click photo to enlarge)

And just for fun, some portraits.

Bob Hoff. The Rollin’ DJ. (Click photo to enlarge)

Bob. No costume necessary. (Click photo to enlarge)

Andrew Hall. As himself. (Click photo to enlarge)

Junior Terronez. (Click photo to enlarge)

Ryan Miller has a hairy chest. (Click photo to enlarge)

Logan Clark. As himself. (Click photo to enlarge)

Jon Yagla. Clowning. (Click photo to enlarge)

Yagla’s costume/persona for Halloween: Corporate slave. (Click photo to enlarge)

Yagla. Watching birds. (Click photo to enlarge)

Lucas Baumann. Methodize. (Click photo to enlarge)

Lucas and Yagla. (Click photo to enlarge)

Suit model. Pose 1. (Click photo to enlarge)

Suit model. Pose 2. (Click photo to enlarge)

Lucas, Yagla and Junior. (Click photo to enlarge)

Double trouble. (Click photo to enlarge)

Huh? (Click photo to enlarge)

45 Responses to “Halloween session ’06: Quad Cities craziness”  

  1. 1 andrew gilpin

    yesss, glad to see those photos, pissed I had to leave early….

  2. 2 Adam

    Your skates went well with that suit Yagla was wearing. Ehhh?

  3. 3 BJ Bales

    great photos and word mr. morris. it was a great session and i cant wait for next years. i will be decked out just like everyone did this year. yessir.

  4. 4 Jakethebiker

    Jon Yagla’s my hero!!!!

  5. 5 Jefferson

    The edit is finnally up and basically I just wanted to say how I felt about it and where I was going with it. First I just want to say that I am still not entirely pleased with the compression, the only reason that I am happy at all is because I worked on Compressing for at least 6 hours and I finally got it to a size that was decent for a 13 min edit. With the actual editing I just wanted to have a playful feel, but also show how the session progressed. It seems like a lot more stuff got done at the park so I used a faster song. At Yates less people were doing tricks so that song is more upbeat and kind of annoying actually. The last spot is what I debated the most with. I had plenty of footage, and it was all pretty funny, but with the amount of time that I alloted and the amount of work that would’ve gone into it for just the last segment would have been too great. I do enjoy the final product although I realize that there are plenty of mistakes.

    In the future my work will be better.

  6. 6 Jakethebiker

    jeff i liked the edit alot, it was really chill.

  7. 7 BJ Bales

    the edit was sick. good work jeph.

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