Lucas Baumann, Justin Augustus and Logan Clark. Summer 2006.

Welcome to The Iowa Connection, the online community for Iowa’s bladers since it was created in 2001 by Adam Morris.

As the name implies, it’s all about Iowa here. But that’s not as restrictive as one might think. We provide coverage from as near as Nebraska and Illinois and as far as Pennsylvania and California. The catch? There’s always an Iowa tie.

The Iowa Connection depends upon material contributions (not to mention a one-time, $25 cash donation from Ben Gross) and ideas from a number of people, including:

Adam Morris —
I’m the founder, editor-in-chief and photographer.

Justin Augustus —
Justin is my formal name, Jepherson is my casual name. I think Ake hooked that up, and the ph’s. I’ve been on the grind since ’99, and I am very happy that the statement rhymes. I’m going to work very hard to provide you with entertainment. Felicitations!

BJ Bales —
I am known as Bruce James Bales, sometimes B.J., Bruce Juice, or other
miscellaneous names, depending on where I am or who I am with. I am an
Iowan — despite the fact that I currently reside in Pittsburgh — and I
will continue to be.

Lucas Baumann —
I’ve been around for 24 years now. I’ve been on rollerblades for more than half that time. My experience takes place mostly in Cedar Falls. I could talk a lot about myself, but it all comes down to Methodize. Reducing fears, reducing material burdens, reducing all distractions in life so that I can think clearly and live healthily. I want to leave you with some quotes that are relevant to experience on rollerblades:

“He is drawn by his goal, for he does not allow anything to enter his mind which opposes his goal…It is what fools call magic…Everyone can perform magic, everyone can reach their goal…” –Siddhartha

“When thinking becomes flexible, joints become flexible.”
–Mutant Message Down Under

“If you start out by promising what you don’t even have yet, you’ll lose your desire to work toward getting it.”
–The Alchemist

Corey Buller –
I like to participate. I’ve always lived in elsewhere, but loved my Iowa friends. Easy people to brag about in reality. To me, everyone is vital and authenticates the name “Connection”. It’s bigger than you know kids. I’m excited to see what new things we will present to ourselves and our blade community in the future. The bladers I meet play a huge roll in my blading and progression. My thoughts feels like a plate of nachos. So many chips on the plate! When I pick it up, it’s one nacho!

Jake Clark

Widely known as Troydizzle, my full name is Troy Alan DeZeeuw. A southwest
Minnesota native, I’m currently residing in Spencer, Iowa. I’ve been rollerblading for roughly five years.

Ben Gross

Brian Krans —;
Brian Krans is a mild-mannered newspaper reporter, but by night he’s saving the world from sobriety as a bartender. While he pretends to be a do-gooder, he’s harming the youth of America through his so-called volunteering, tarnishing rollerblading with his skating, and writing horribly profanity-laced novels. That, and the S.O.B. is from Wisconsin, originally.

Josh Michalec —
Well, my name is Josh Michalec. Most of my friends just call me by my last name or any other variation of my last name that they may like better. I’m currently in Cedar Rapids, and thats where I have been my whole life. The whole Iowa Connection is really cool. It has done a lot for all the Iowa bladers, so I try and give back to it whenever I can. Basically, I love rollerblading and being cool… (at least I think I’m cool ha!)

This is an actual photo. Of me.
Brandon Weiland —
“Brandon Weiland is the coolest guy this world has ever seen. He grew up in Camanche, and has lived in Ames and Cedar Falls, where he currently attends the University of Northern Iowa. He is going for a degree in mathematics education, but he plans on growing up to be a vagabond.”
-Ghandi (That is an actual quote)

Phil Austin.
Phil Austin —
I’ve been rolling since 1997 and although I picked up blading in Maryland I consider myself to be an Iowa blader. I moved to Cedar Rapids in 1998 and then moved to Iowa City in 2005 where I currently reside. Creating and conceiving new ideas and projects for the connection is one of the things I love to do and the friendships and great times the connection has given me through its existence has made me forever grateful. Shout out to all those I have and will blade with and if anyone wants to come blade in Iowa City email, call, or message me, and get here it’s going to be a fantastic time.

Andrew “Droid” Hall —
I’m from Galesburg, Illinois but currently reside in Oneida, Illinois only 45 minutes from the Quad Cities. I have been skating with the Iowa rollers for over a decade. I’ve always enjoyed the brotherhood of Iowa. It is the fields of dreams and skaters.

Tiffiany Wells.
Tiffiany Wells —
My name is Tiffiany, but all the guys n gals call me “Tiff.” If I’m not out skating, I’m taking photos of awesome skaters, or just some random stuff. I reside in Omaha, NE, but Council Bluffs, IA is just a hop, skip, and jump away, and I love traveling out and about in Iowa. I’ll be coming to a town near you, for YOU to pose for the frame.

Justin Eischeid.
Justin Eischeid —

Logan Clark.
Logan Clark —
My name is Logan Clark. Though some call me Log or Log Cabin (Jepherson came up with it). I grew up in Newton but now reside in Des Moines. I have been blading since 1998. I have proudly been part of the Connection since I went to SSOC (Street Skate Our City) Des Moines in 2003. Since finding out about the Iowa-Connection I have learned so many things, traveled to different states, been able to compete in many competitions, and have met life-long friends. If you don’t find me cuttin’ up the streets, you’ll find me hanging out with friends, disc-golfing, bowling, playing pool, or video editing.

Keep Shredding.